Stockport technical school opens its doors

A NEW vocational school in Stockport describes itself as the first technical school in the country to open its doors.

SK1 Technical School is a free school for 14-19-year-olds who want to specialise in science and technology.

The school, which has 100 pupils in the first year, is funded by the Government but operates outside the control of the local education authority.

It is run by Stockport College and has links to local business through the involvement of engine maker MAN Diesel & Turbo UK, which has a base in the town, accountancy firm Clarke Nicklin and engineering consultancy Wilde Analysis. It is not a University Technical College (UTC), another new type of school delivering vocational education to 14 to 19 year olds.

Wayne Jones, chairman of MAN Diesel & Turbo and chair of the school directors commented: “This ground breaking school is just what Industry needs. We want young people who are well qualified in the technical subjects, have a clear awareness of what is expected in the workplace and are motivated to maximise their achievements.

“This is exactly what this school offers and MAN are extremely proud to be involved in helping and developing young people interested in contributing to Engineering the Future.”