Duckers & Diving: Watts this – a bottle of bubbly?

THIS week our heroic herald tackles the thorny issue of what do you buy a multi-millionaire?

Just what do you give to the man who seemingly has everything?

This was the issue that perplexed Lou Jones, of Birmingham’s C3 Consulting, as she and husband Chris Monk took Pertemps recruitment boss Tim Watts and wife June for lunch.

Imagine the scene – the venue: The Durham Ox at Shrewley Common; the Watts’ pull up in their Bentley and then the Jones’s likewise in their X5. (The posh leading the not quite so posh).

It was Lou’s turn to pay, so she did. But what sort of gift would surprise them?

So the couple drank a bottle of Bollinger the night before – as you do – filled it with Fairy Liquid and presented it to the Watts.

Well, what a hoot.

Tim, who has got a whacky sense of humour, seemingly loved it. Even if I doubt he is sufficiently conversant with a kitchen or dishes to know what to do with it!

If I was Lou I would register the new brand – should prove hugely lucrative selling to the Islington set and exiled Russian oligarchs.Duckers and Diving

So where did she get the idea?

Seemingly, it was originally an Anthea Turner wheeze on television.

Apparently you pour your washing up liquid into the Bollinger bottle but the skill comes in fitting a Lakeland plastic pourer on top.

“Tim was over the moon,” Lou tells me.

Suddenly I’ve got an idea for all my empty cider bottles …