Nottingham firm to install largest ever power system at distribution centre

Nottingham-based Evo Energy has won the contract to install the largest industrial project combining both battery and solar PV.

Evo Energy will install the ‘behind-the-meter’ Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at Telford business supplies firm Lyreco.

The power generated will be used to provide services to the grid as well as powering its 24-hour distribution centre.

The BESS will be installed adjacent to Lyreco’s 3.8 MWp rooftop PV array. The solar system was completed by EvoEnergy in January 2016 and has since generated more than 5 GWh of electricity – equivalent to the annual electricity demand of 1,388 homes.

Peter Gojka, building services manager for Lyreco, said: “This is another innovative approach from Lyreco that follows on from our combination of roof mounted PV and ground mounted inverter technologies new to the UK. We are now taking that natural progression step of battery storage, which also ties in well with the Government’s recently announced Smart Energy Strategy.

“It makes full sense to store part of our energy production and assist the UK’s energy infrastructure through peak demand times, whilst also preparing for future requirements of our employees and visitors alike.”

Using Tesla battery and inverter technology, the 500 kW / 950 kWh BESS will deliver energy efficiency benefits over a 15 year arrangement with Lyreco. With construction already started, the project is expected to complete in October 2017. During this period, EvoEnergy will also be installing electric vehicle (EV) charging points onsite to support Lyreco’s commitment for low-carbon travel among its workforce and visitors.

Mark Wakeford, managing director at EvoEnergy, said: “Lyreco is leading the way for how companies can use multiple technologies to achieve long-term energy independence, whilst also providing a service to the public to support and provide flexibility to meet future Government energy strategies.

“By understanding the benefits, the recent installations at Lyreco will create a blueprint for others to follow suit, helping many vastly reduce their Triad charges and only needing to pay for energy when it’s cheap.”