Will Brexit be great for the UK and USA – and what does it mean for Midlands business?

Mark Taylor
X The Business Desk

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Since last year’s referendum, businesses across the Midlands have been grappling with what Brexit will mean for them. Much of the debate has focused on the implications from a UK perspective, but how is the post-Brexit world viewed outside of Europe and what new opportunities may arise?

World renowned economist and author Joe Brusuelas from RSM in the US will address these questions at an event being held for Midlands businesses at the Belfry on Thursday October 26, hosted by RSM and TheBusinessDesk.com.

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Joe will explore the UK, US and global perspectives on current Brexit negotiations and suggest what business leaders should be thinking about to take advantage of new opportunities.

Among other issues, Joe will attempt to shed light on the prospects for the UK’s future trading relationship with the US and try to answer some of the burning questions. Will the UK really be first in the queue for a trade deal, what barriers will need to be overcome to reach an agreement, and what will any eventual deal look like?

Attendees can also expect to hear the lowdown on what is happening in the real economy in the US away from the soap opera of White House politics – and what the prospects of success are for President Trump’s ambitious tax reforms, the ripples of which may well reach UK shores.

Joe will be joined by Simon Hart, RSM’s Brexit lead partner in the UK, who is well known to many in the local business community having previously held the role of regional managing partner. Simon will reveal the findings of RSM’s latest quarterly Brexit monitor looking at how local businesses are adapting and preparing for the post-Brexit environment.

Mark Taylor, RSM’s regional managing partner for the Midlands said: “I am delighted to be able to welcome Joe Brusuelas to the Midlands once again. Brexit and the future of our transatlantic business relationship are two of the hottest topics for the region’s business community right now. Joe will, I am sure, bring some fresh perspective and insight to help business leaders from across our region to plan for an uncertain future.

“I’m also delighted to welcome back Simon Hart who is leading RSM’s Brexit working group tasked with advising our clients on how best to prepare for one of the biggest business challenges of our lifetime.

“We look forward to welcoming friends and colleagues from across the region for what will undoubtedly be a unique and lively discussion.”

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