University of Nottingham sells Oncimmune shares

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The University of Nottingham has sold around two-third of its shares in early cancer detection company Oncimmune.

The University has sold 4,317,287 shares in the company, and will now hold 2,224,527 as it looks towards completing the spin-out of Oncimmune.

Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley, chief executibe of Oncimmune, said: “Today’s announcement is a natural evolution of our shareholder register as the University of Nottingham, where Oncimmune’s EarlyCDT® platform technology was invented, realises the value of part of their shareholding. Oncimmune still has ties to the University and we are grateful to them for their role in the origin of EarlyCDT® platform. We are delighted that they retain part of their holding and we look forward to realising further value from our liquid biopsy platform which can detect up to four years earlier than other methods.”

Dr Andrew Naylor, chief executive of Nottingham Technology Ventures which manages the University of Nottingham’s spin-out portfolio, said: “Today’s sale of shares represents a significant return on our original investment in Oncimmune and the company is an exemplar of what can be done when a technology is successfully spun out from the University of Nottingham. It has been a pleasure to see Oncimmune grow into a leading early cancer detection company that is already saving lives and is on track to save many more. We look to the future with confidence as the company has the management and strategy in place to deliver value and we are delighted to retain a significant shareholding.”

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