Leicester printing firm expands into Spain

Leicester printing specialists EverythingBranded is set to launch a new venture, EverythingBranded Spain, which will see the company make its first expansion into the European market.

The firm will offer over 7,000 different products that can be customised as part of EverythingBranded Spain, ranging from drinkware and pens to eco-friendly and tech-focused items. Spanish customers will be able to access a variety of personalised promotional products suited to business events and exhibition giveaways.

The company have firm plans to increase its business globally, and has already taken steps into English-speaking countries, like the USA and Canada — but this represents their first foray into a non-English language marketplace.

Paul Rowlett, CEO and co-founder of EverythingBranded, said: “This is our first venture into a non-English speaking country, but we’re confident that we have all of the elements in place to hit the ground running. We already have a robust infrastructure in Spain, so it made sense to choose it as a more manageable market.

“When it comes to promotional products, there is something of a common thread that traverses any borders — we know this from attending exhibitions and conferences around the globe. We expect that customer demand from Spain will be similar to the UK, with subtle differences in buying habits and products based on seasonality, culture and climate.

“We fully expect there to be bumps in the road, and we know that we’re making the move at a time when the European economy is challenging. But we have a strong team and full confidence in our product offering. We plan to start from day one and work from there.”

Rowlett added: “We hope that EverythingBranded Spain will prove to be a successful testing ground for the future. We are looking to continue our growth through English speaking territories while improve our non-English speaking opportunities.”