Foxes vow to oppose European Super League

Leicester City FC has joined 13 of its Premier League colleagues in opposition to a European Super League and to “reaffirm its commitment to the long-standing and successful structure of domestic football”.

The Premier League, alongside The FA, met with clubs on Tuesday to discuss the immediate implications of the Super League proposal.

The 14 clubs at the meeting “unanimously and vigorously” rejected the plans for the competition. The Premier League says it is considering all actions available to prevent it from progressing, as well as holding those shareholders involved to account under its rules.

In a statement, Leicester City said: “Competitive integrity and merit-based achievement are fundamental principles of the sport which, if compromised, will cause irreparable damage to the game, to the clubs whose legitimate aspirations underpin the entire football pyramid and to the communities those clubs serve.

“As custodians of our respective clubs, it falls to us to uphold football’s values, the solidarity and unity that protect the future of the sport and to ensure its commercial successes help strengthen its foundations throughout the pyramid and into the grassroots game.

“Football clubs exist for their supporters, whose passion and devotion are not simply a response to the game, but a fundamental and indispensable part of it. Their contribution is fed by their right to dream – a right we share a collective responsibility to protect.

“Leicester City is wholly supportive of the Premier League’s position in this matter and enormously encouraged by the way football’s supporters, Government and regulators have come together to challenge this threat to the game’s future.”