Manufacturer unveils £4m heat pump production line

John Forkin of Marketing Derby

Vaillant, the manufacturers of environmentally friendly heating and air-conditioning technology, has opened its new multi-million-pound heat pump production line.

The firm has officially opened the line, making it the first manufacturer to produce both heat pumps and high-efficiency boilers in the UK.

Marking a £4m investment in the factory’s low carbon production capabilities, Vaillant said it reinforces its commitment to ensuring that all UK homes can be heated via the most effective technology.

Henrik Hansen, managing director of Vaillant Group UK & Ireland, said: “Vaillant has seen many ‘firsts’ in its nearly 150-year history, and I’m delighted to now be announcing the commissioning of the company’s new heat pump manufacturing line in the UK.

“It’s a huge testament to our incredibly talented and dedicated team, and their vision and commitment to taking the business forward, that we are celebrating this latest milestone.”

The new line was opened by John Forkin, managing director of Marketing Derby and Pauline Latham, MP for Mid Derbyshire.

Forkin said: “Vaillant is a well-known employer in this region, and it was fantastic to see first-hand how they are supporting the UK’s net zero agenda.

“This investment sustains a proud tradition of business innovation in the area and companies such as Vaillant are leading the way.”

Vaillant has been producing heat pumps for the UK market since the early 2000s.

Its latest addition to the Belper plant furthers the company’s vast experience in innovation and developing industry-leading heating technologies and follows a £55 million investment in its research and development facility at its headquarters in Remscheid in 2018.

The new heat pump line will be dedicated to producing Vaillant’s aroTHERM Plus air-to-water heat pump, which is fast becoming the most popular heat pump in the UK market.

Hansen said: “We know there is no single solution when it comes to heating our homes in the UK as the breadth of property type is diverse.

“Heat pumps are a here and now technology that can offer decarbonisation benefits. However, the future is likely to be made up of a mix of heat pump, hybrid and boiler technologies.

“Ultimately, we want to help consumers feel in a position to make an informed choice about what will work for both their lifestyle and their property.

“The widescale need to transition to low carbon is a once in a generation occurrence.

“The popularity of heat pump technology is growing at pace and is expected to continue to do so as homeowners become comfortable with the workings of lower carbon heating systems.

“This important move means we can help increase the availability of UK made heat pumps and further our support for installers via supply, training and installation guidance, as they make the shift to new heating technologies.”

Latham said: “Vaillant’s announcement is a significant boost to kick-starting a heat pump manufacturing base in the UK, and I’m delighted that it is happening in my constituency of Derbyshire.

“Home heating contributes to around a third of all UK emissions, so the savings that can be made by moving to lower carbon, more efficient technologies, such as heat pumps, is much needed.”