More than 200 jobs to be created from £150m mental health unit project

The 54-bed mental health unit at Chesterfield Royal Hospital (credit: Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust)

The £150m investment in the construction and renovation of six mental health units in Derbyshire will result in the creation of more than 200 new job opportunities.

This project is part of the “Making Room for Dignity” initiative led by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust which, encompasses the development of three entirely new units and the refurbishment of three existing, outdated facilities.

It has already added 27 full-time positions, and an additional 204 jobs are expected to be generated in the upcoming financial year, spanning from April 2024 to April 2025.

The two mental health units, each with 54 beds, located at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Kingsway Hospital in Derby, are now expected to be finished in the autumn of 2024, slightly delayed from the initial spring timeline.

These units will be available for use by November 2024, with a total project cost of £80m.

Additionally, a psychiatric intensive care unit designed to accommodate 14 male patients at the Kingsway site will be completed by November 2024 and is set to open its doors by March 2025.