£500m upgrade proposed for Newark Bypass

Midlands Connect has proposed a £400-£500m upgrade to complete the Newark Bypass, which has been deemed “imperative” by chairman Sir John Peace.

The current A46 Bypass falls short of meeting current and future needs due to severe traffic congestion. With an average of 15,440 to 16,290 vehicles passing through daily, the bypass experiences below-average speeds and safety issues, with 77 recorded collisions between 2017 and 2021.

The proposed scheme aims to improve traffic flow at the Farndon roundabout, build a new dual-carriageway bridge over the A1, expand and partially signal the Winthorpe roundabout, and create a new grade-separated junction at the Cattle Market roundabout.

If implemented, Midlands Connect anticipates a 30% reduction in journey times for improved traffic sections.

Results from the National Highways Consultation indicate that 53% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the proposed scheme improvements.

Robert Jenrick, MP for Newark said: “I am pleased to support Midlands Connect in updating the Strategic Case for the A46 Newark Bypass. This initiative is a critical step towards ensuring that our region gets the infrastructure investment it desperately needs. By widening 6.5km of the existing single carriageway to a dual carriageway between Farndon and Winthorpe roundabouts, congestion will be significantly reduced in our area.

“The upgraded A46 Newark Bypass will serve as a vital trade corridor linking the M5 to the Humber Ports and will result in smoother journeys for the approximately 17,000 daily drivers who rely on it. I look forward to the timely completion of this project and am eager to collaborate on conveying the results to relevant authorities and government departments, particularly in seeking to ensure the £ 500 million investment from the government for this infrastructure project. The A46 Newark Bypass is a key component of our region’s infrastructure, and its enhancement supports a vision for sustainable growth and prosperity in and around Newark.”