Pharma company broadens global reach through new partnership

NuVision Biotherapies, based in Nottingham’s MediCity campus, has broadened its global reach in ophthalmology products.

NuVision Biotherapies is a company focused on tissue therapy, specialising in the development and provision of various products and processes for advancements in ophthalmology.

Due to a new partnership with AKSIA Health, the company now offers its amniotic membrane products to ophthalmology specialists in the Middle East, meeting clinical needs and supporting Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia.

NuVision’s products, Omnigen and OmniLenz®, have seen success in Kuwait public hospitals. Omnigen, a stable amniotic membrane-derived material, aids natural healing in ophthalmic conditions, complemented by OmniLenz®, a suture-free transplantation bandage contact lens.

Andy Hill, CEO at NuVision Biotherapies, said: “We first met with KKESH back in June to understand the clinical need for our products in this region which quickly became apparent. The expansion presents an exciting opportunity to deliver solutions into a wider Middle Eastern market and work with healthcare professionals in new territories, which will support our continued investment in our Nottingham base. The expansion of our relationship with AKSIA into Saudi Arabia emphasises the success of our partnership, and we’re looking forward to building on the partnership and meeting the clinical need for our products in territories across the Middle East.”

Ahmed Sallam, managing director at AKSIA Health, said: “As AKSIA Health Care FZC, we are proud to play a crucial role in expanding the reach of NuVision Biotherapies into the dynamic healthcare landscape of Saudi Arabia. Our successful partnership, demonstrated by achievements in Kuwait public hospitals, reflects our commitment to advancing ophthalmology solutions across the Middle East. This expansion aligns with our dedication to supporting Vision 2030, contributing to the region’s healthcare evolution. We look forward to further collaboration with NuVision and making a meaningful impact on ocular care in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”