Well-known family lawyer launches new venture

Dr Glynis Wright MBE

One of the most well-known names in East Midlands family law, Dr Glynis Wright MBE, has launched a new divorce coaching company called The Alternative Divorce Company (ADC).

Wright left practice in March last year when she departed from Nelsons. Now, she has created an umbrella company under which a range of independent affiliate services needed by people in breakup – from the legal and financial to the therapeutic – is available on a “need to know, pay as you go” basis.

Wright has undergone training as a specialist divorce coach since she left the legal profession and is offering divorce coach services through the new set-up. ADC also has affiliates with expertise in child and family therapy, marriage guidance counselling and grief and trauma management.

Wright said: “Couples strengthen the likelihood of a civilised break-up if they have access to all of the facts and information they need to make critical decisions in areas such as finance and legals. If they combine this fact-finding with specialist support to help them manage the acute roller-coaster of emotions experienced in most breakups such as hostility, disbelief, grief, revenge or total overwhelm they increase their chances of a swift, damage-limiting and dignified divorce exponentially.”