Business Bytes: What your boss is thinking when you ask for a raise

So you have finally managed to wait for an appropriate occasion for THE talk with your boss. You reckon you’ve been doing a pretty good job recently and it is time to ask for a bit more money in your pay package. But will they approve it? Here is what they think the moment you pluck up the courage to ask the question…

“This is why I hate appraisals!”
Chances are, you’re not going to barge into your manager’s office and demand a pay rise, you’re going to wait until the perfect opportunity when it is just the two of you. Hence why they would dread an appraisal even more than you do. However, an appraisal is the best time to bring up the subject as they do not have the distractions of other things going on in the office.

“Will I have to do the same for everyone?”
If you ask for a raise, it will get the boss thinking about who else could be asking for one and if they are going to have to pay out a huge amount of money more each month. They may be more likely to say no or try and compromise with you if they expect a whole crowd of people asking the same thing.

“Will they phone a recruiter if I say no?”
If you don’t feel like you are getting the money you are worth at your current workplace; it is of course going to get you thinking about opportunities elsewhere. If they think you may be heading elsewhere if they don’t give you a raise, they are more likely to agree if it means keeping a good worker in their company.

“Is it about the money or something else?”
Occasionally when workers ask for a raise, it isn’t actually about wanting to be on more money. Often it can be correlated to how much appreciation they receive at work and how they feel undervalued at work. Don’t be surprised if your boss asks if you’re happy in the role and if they can do anything more for you than just upping your pay.

“Can they make a coherent case for it?”
Your boss is obviously not just going to dish out the cash for you to have a more exciting social life outside of work. Before you even consider asking, note down what you have achieved whilst you have worked in the company and get ready to answer some tough questions. If you don’t know why you’re actually asking the question, it will not be enough for your boss.

“Do they deserve it?”
Do you go above and beyond in your job role? Are you putting in overtime, helping others and working well to deadlines? Go into the meeting with your boss fully prepared. Write down what a normal day looks like for you and how you go the extra mile time and time again. If you can show your boss that you do deserve it, they will struggle to say no.