Agile Developments Group Limited

Agile Developments Group Limited was founded in June 2021 and operates in the Insurance and Automotive business sectors, where our objective is to work with our key partners to develop and build innovative digital and transformational solutions using AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Our goals are to help improve the customer experience, engagement and outcomes, whilst also focusing on reducing operational costs, improving efficiency and assist with regulatory requirements in fast-paced and challenging markets.

Our first product launch is Agile Claim App which is an integrated claims management solution and is designed to help lower claims management costs, reduce processing time and resource, combat potential fraudulent claims, mitigate losses, whilst improving the customer journey and experience. Agile Developments works with Insurers, Claims Management Companies, MGA’s, OEM’s, etc. to leverage savings, improve accessibility and experience for customers to make a claim and speed up the claims process using the Agile Claim application and claims management system.