Handley James

Handley James was launched by its founders to provide businesses with a quality recruitment service on a committed basis. With a genuine passion for recruitment and for wanting to do a “good job”, Natalie and Peter are both aligned in wanting to provide a bespoke, quality driven solution. They established Handley James initially to support the manufacturing community through providing strategic recruitment and retention advice and ensuring that every manufacturer that they work with where equipped with the correct tools and techniques to make successful long-term appointments. Through their success in the manufacturing sector they were requested to support numerous different businesses in various sectors and have since been able to apply those same techniques to add value to other industry sectors. Now with the successful launch of Handley James Contracting, the team at Handley James are also able to provide the same high-quality service offering to contract and high-level interim roles.


Honest, energising, down to earth and credible describe Handley James perfectly. With over 30 years’ shared experience in recruitment we are well placed to manage your recruitment requirements.


Handley James apply Search techniques to all of our recruitment assignments. Irrespective of the level of role we provide the same level of service to clients and candidates alike.

Handley James hold “quality” as synonymous with their ethical and moral standard as a recruitment partner.