Natalie Handley

My Story

I was born (believe it or not), went to school, went to college, went to Uni and overall got good grades, had a great time and only got into trouble now and then. I was clueless as to what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I wanted a career and I wanted to be the best I could be in whatever I chose to do. A trait that is shared by most recruiters I would think. Having a good career was extremely important to me because I wanted to do something that made an impact and I wanted to achieve a level of financial security as quickly as I could. I had a job from being 13 and became as financially independent as I could as quickly as I could. I have always been a very determined and independent person and the recruitment industry encouraged these types of behaviours. It was an excellent match I suppose.

I achieved a solid grounding in recruitment from the 2 businesses I worked for prior to setting up Handley James with my business partner Peter. We set the business up because we felt we could do it better…plain and simple really. We didn’t want to work in a stereotypical recruitment environment and wanted to create something different. Something that was agile, flexible with the best interests of candidates and clients at the heart of our service, something that was unashamedly honest. I reckon we have achieved that.

Handley James is a big part of my life and a part that I am extremely proud of.

Out of work I walk a lot, run a bit and practice yoga often. I like to spend time with my family and you can often find me entertaining friends or family with a meal that could feed the five thousand when, in fact, there are only 6 of us sat round the table. I am happiest when I am with the people I love, surrounded by great food and drinking good wine…hence the need for the running and walking. I love to laugh and my laugh is VERY loud. I place a lot of emphasis on being happy, feeling content and never settling!!

My Handley James

I am the main point of contact for referrals for the business and that is how we have grown. We have an effective referral process which has led to year on year double digit growth.

My main role in the business is to act as the client interface. I meet with all of our clients and I consult with them on the best solution for them. I manage the processes from start to finish and I still take responsibility for fulfilment for certain assignments, with the help if my fantastic resourcing team.

I work with Peter on the overall business strategy and we meet every month to ensure we are on track and to align the strategy should it need it.

I am also responsible for ensuring that the music in the office stays on point because if it was left to Peter it would either be a Spice Girls or Craig David fest frankly.

Our Handley James

If I where to use 3 words to describe our culture it would be:

Energetic, Fun and Supportive

I like to think we have a laugh at work but when it comes down to it and one of us needs that extra bit of support we are there for each other in a millisecond. We are a close-knit team and we share the same values.