Work ‘making Manchester professionals healthier’

Three quarters of Manchester professionals believe that their work has led them to become healthier.

In a survey of  workers around 75% of those based in the city said their job has had a positive effect on their health and what they eat.

A further third of those surveyed said they had lost weight directly as a result of their profession.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library which ran the survey, said: “Weight gain at work is not uncommon, but it’s clear from this data that their job is having a positive impact of the health of workers in Manchester.

“Making healthy choices could improve your performance throughout the day, and leave you feeling less lethargic post-lunch, something that professionals in the city are clearly taking into consideration. Balancing this with a bit of fresh air at lunchtime can really help with productivity, especially now that the sun is beginning to shine.

“But remember, it’s ok to treat yourself every once in a while!”

The survey also found that over a quarter (26.9%) of those in Manchester admitted to eating more healthy food because of their job.

Furthermore, despite 67.1% of professionals in the city revealing that their colleagues often bring in unhealthy snacks to the work, 21.3% said that they find these edible treats easy to resist.