Independent Liverpool to launch market in Cains Brewery

Cains Brewery, Liverpool

Back in 2013, the duo behind Independent Liverpool launched their very first members discount card, with the aim of encouraging locals to support the city’s independent venues.

Since then, the company now boasts over 25,000 Independent Liverpool card users, are hosts to annual food and drink festivals, as well as themed events and cinema nights, and are on the road to success with thanks to their first venue, The Baltic Market in the city’s iconic Cains Brewery.

The duo behind Independent Liverpool are University of Liverpool graduates and local lads David Williams and Oliver Press. They are set to open The Baltic Market, the first of its kind in the city, at the end of the month with the aim of bringing independent businesses together.

David said: “The main aim is to put the best of the city under one roof. Liverpool is so explosive at the moment and it’s expanding every day. We want the Baltic Market to represent the independent revolution the city is currently under-going.

“Liverpool is massively behind in the street food scene in comparison to Manchester and Birmingham and we want this building to be the future of the city’s street food. Currently, if somebody has a great idea and makes some great food, where can they go? They can’t afford prime real estate, they already have a job they can’t leave.

“The Baltic Market becomes a place to experiment and hopefully a place where some lifelong people’s dreams come true.”

How The Baltic Market is set to look inside.

The Baltic Market will take up a warehouse within Cains Brewery, which has been closed since June 2013. David said: “We’ve been looking for a home for some years now. The Baltic Triangle has always been an area close to ourselves, we’ve always had an office there, done our events there and just spend our spare time there so we knew it had to be somewhere in the area.

“What an honour to be moving into a Grade II Listed building deeply rooted in the city’s history on a daily basis. We will stay true to the heritage by putting a locally brewed beer in people’s hand and a smile on their face, Robert Cain would be proud.”

The food hall at The Baltic Market will host a range of independent restaurants across the city from Thursday to Sunday every week, with up to 10 venues catering at a time. The line-up of the independents will change often too, giving locals the chance to try a wide range of food and drink each week.

Independent Liverpool’s events, which have grown increasingly popular in the city and include quiz and cinema nights, will also take place at their new venue and weekends are set to become a party, with DJs and local entertainment to take to the stage.

David is hoping that the venue will encourage even more people to support the city’s independents. He said: “You can’t walk into the venue without putting money in someone local’s pocket. Whether you come in for a bottle of wine, half a pint of beer, a burger or a pot of jam, every penny supports someone local.

“As well as that, the city has become full of foodies and we hope to bring some of the best food and drink together. As soppy as it sounds, we just want to be a place good friends and family come together for a catch up. All sit around a bench, all have a few drinks and something to eat and a bit of a dance. That’s what it’s all about.

“We’d absolutely love Baltic Market to become a household name and a place visited by thousands of local people and tourists. We just want Liverpool to be compared to some of the best European cities, because we already know it is.”

The Baltic Market opens to the public on June 30. It will be open from 5-11pm on Friday 30, there will be a party with live music taking place on Saturday July 1 and the Baltic Triangle’s first farmers market will take place on Sunday July 2.