Wedded bliss leads to top job for Sarah

Sarah Matts on her wedding day with groom Phil Matts

Sarah Matts has landed her dream job as a wedding coordinator at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Greater Manchester after applying for the role while on her own honeymoon having just been married at the same venue.

Matts, who lives locally in Walkden, Salford, has been a regular visitor to Worsley Park ever since she was a young girl and the venue had been the one of choice for family celebrations as she grew up.

It was this connection, and her understanding of the venue, that led her to book her  and groom Phil Matts’ wedding there more than three years ago. Little was she to know that this would start the chain of events that would result in her landing her dream job.

“I’d always loved the relaxed feel and setting of Worsley Park, so when I got engaged to Phil in 2014, it was my first choice,” said Matts. “I can’t quite believe that three years on and I’m not only still grinning about my own wedding here a few weeks ago, but I’m now planning the perfect day for other excited brides and grooms.”

Having previously worked in visual merchandising, Sarah joined the Marriott sales and events team in January, 2016 based at Worsley Park, but managing accounts across the Pennine region.

It wasn’t until June 2017, just as Sarah was her self-walking down the aisle, when an opening for wedding coordinator arose, where she managed to apply for the role from Florida when on her honeymoon.

She said; “My dreams came true twice, I had just had the perfect wedding day at my dream venue and then I was offered my dream job. As a newlywed with the experience of planning my own wedding here at Worsley Park I can really empathise with my brides and grooms to be able to help them every step of the way.

“I know that brides and grooms have a lot on their minds in the run up to the event, however we take care of the detail and ensure the day runs smoothly, so they don’t have to sweat the small or big stuff.”