Aviation specialist celebrates new client win

Stuart Hicks

Manchester-based rating consultant Dunlop Heywood has announced its latest new client, taking its overall tally to 26.

Recognised as a leading aviation rating expert across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, this latest client success will strengthen its standing in its sector.

The consultancy, with offices also in Leeds, Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London, has been appointed rating consultant to Bournemouth Airport, part of Regional and City Airports.

The latest client joins a list of airports which already retain Dunlop Heywood, including: Newcastle International Airport, Dublin International Airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Belfast International Airport, Aberdeen International Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport and Southampton Airport.

The team now represent 26 airports, stretching from Aberdeen to Land’s End.

Dunlop Heywood director Stuart Hicks said: “Our expertise in the aviation field is recognised across the UK and the Republic of Ireland and our client list has been growing steadily on the back of a long list of rating appeal successes, including a landmark judgement obtained recently for Belfast International Airport.

“Bournemouth Airport followed quickly on the heels of Wycombe Air Park, another client who recently joined Dunlop Heywood, where we successfully reduced the rateable value from £277,500 to £201,000 – that’s a significant 27% reduction for them, backdated to 2010.”

As a sector the economic downturn at the start of the decade hit aero incomes hard and airports faced real challenges to ensure their survival.

One area where airport management sought to improve profitability was through challenging traditional methods of assessing airport rateable values and unlocking refunds in rates overpaid and savings in future rates liabilities.

“Dunlop Heywood makes sure to understand exactly the operational business in each instance,” said Mr Hicks.

“Once you have a clear understanding of operations, then you can confidently challenge the rateable value. Another example was a successful Dunlop Heywood appeal for Dublin International Airport which had its rateable value reduced by £17.5m – from £116.4m to £98.9m.

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