MSIF investment funds global expansion drive for Daresbury software specialist

Adam Butwilowski, left, and Simon Thelwall-Jones

Recruitment software developer CiiVSOFT is planning domestic and international expansion after receiving a six-figure investment from Liverpool-based MSIF.

Adam Butwilowski founded the Daresbury-based business in 2014 and, together with his team, has been developing the software and technology over the past three years.

Adam has more than 20 years’ experience in the recruitment sector and created this business to address key challenges in recruiting.

The business develops technology and tools which automates recruiting tasks and related business processes.

The data-driven technology benefits organisations by saving them time and money while also increasing efficiency and consistency in recruitment.

The investment from MSIF will allow CiiVSOFT to continue to develop its internal infrastructure to support sales and business growth.

Adam said he was happy to work with MSIF after meetings with their chief executive, Lisa Greenhalgh, and investment director Simon Thelwall-Jones.

Chief executive, Adam Butwilowski, said: “For a short while we had been considering our options with regard to investment into the business.

“We established a great rapport with Simon and the team at MSIF and I attended an event with Lisa Greenhalgh where business owners were discussing their personal experiences of funding, and particularly equity.

“Getting to know Lisa, Simon and the team made us realise the importance of having a trusted relationship with your investor, rather than just focusing on the financials.

“It didn’t take long to see that we were on the same page and how MSIF could add value to CiiVSOFT.”

He added: “I’m delighted that MSIF supports our ambitions and look forward to working with them through the next stages of CiiVSOFT’s journey.

“Over the next year we have aggressive growth plans which include securing additional large-scale commercial contracts in the UK and Europe, and breaking new ground in the US and Asia-Pacific.”

Simon Thelwall-Jones said: “We’re delighted to be able to support CiiVSOFT, a company who have developed an impressive cloud-based technology, with a really strong value proposition.

“We took the time to really understand the business and ensure we offered a personalised solution to CiiVSOFT.

“Adam has a huge passion for the recruitment sector and his experience has ensured the technology platform CiiVSOFT has built will be a great benefit to the sector.

“This business has the potential for rapid growth and I look forward to working with Adam and his team and following the success of CiiVSOFT.”