Bentley warns it could close its Cheshire plant if there is no Brexit deal


Luxury car maker Bentley has warned that it could be forced into a temporary closure of its plant if there is no Brexit deal.

The firm, which is based in Crewe says it would be forced to follow Jaguar Land Rover’s example if there is a hard Brexit.

Bentley make around 11,000 luxury cars every year in Cheshire and is already planning for next year.

The firm has been stockpiling components and has switched from the port of Dover to Immingham to bring in certain parts.

The carmaker is worried about an increase duties and ten per cent tariffs under World Trade Organization terms.

Chief Adrian Hallmark said if there is no agreement by the end of the year then it would have to take drastic measures.

Mr Hallmark joined Bentley from Jaguar Land Rover in February.

He said: “We may work for four days, or we may have a longer Christmas break and a longer Easter break if there is no deal so that we can smooth the period between now and the middle of next year.

“Best case, it’s an annoying impact on our annual profitability.

“Worst case, it’s quite damaging on our annual profitability so a full no-deal Brexit would hurt us as a company, it would limit ability to invest.”

BMW is also planning to shut down for a month once the UK leaves Europe over fears there could be a shortage of parts.

Jaguar Land Rover warned last month that tens of thousands of jobs could be lost and a hard Brexit would cost the company £1.2bn a year.

Aston Martin has started stockpiling engines in preparation for next spring.

Bentley sold 6,654 vehicles in the first three quarters of this year, down from 7,498 a year earlier.

Sales revenues fell to £980m from £1.16bn and its operating loss widened to £122m from £27m.

The increase in loss has been linked to currency fluctuations and delays in the launch of the new Continental GT model.