Studio MUTT moves North with new studio in city centre

James Crawford

Award-winning studio and RIBA Chartered Practice, Studio MUTT, has set up a Liverpool studio in Oriel Chambers.

Studio MUTT was founded by Graham Burn, James Crawford and Alexander Turner, with roots in London and now in Liverpool.

The trio have invested in a Northern home by taking space in Bruntwood’s city centre Oriel Chambers.

The underlying mission of their Northern studio is to create characterful projects which are unique, specific and joyful, working at all scales, from a teacup to a tower, to make everyday life better.

“Oriel Chambers is the ideal home for us, it is a world-famous building for pioneering the way in modern architecture, it provides the perfect stimulus whilst we work with a diverse range of clients right in the city centre,” said James Crawford.

To celebrate their move North Studio Mutt, in partnership with the National Soane Museum and RIBA North, has also relocated their London Soane work, ‘In Character’ to Liverpool, at RIBA North’s Mann Island base overlooking the River Mersey.

First exhibited at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, this exhibition gives life to four characters as architectural compositions of ornament, colour and form; a lawyer, a monk, a magician and an architect.

These characters are based on Sir John Soane’s ‘Crude Hints Towards an History of My House’, an elaborate text in which he imagined his home as a ruined building in the future, inspected by visitors who speculate on its origins and function.

Director of RIBA North, Suzy Jones, said: “In Character may prove to be a rather surreal experience for our visitors.

“At first the gallery could seem quite empty, there is a large black cylindrical curtain in the middle of the room, but as you slip through the curtain, visitors sneak up on four strange, brightly decorated architectural characters, gathered around a fireplace in the middle of a wood with a silver horizon.

“Through re-interpreting these characters at RIBA North, Studio MUTT has given a poignant interpretation of the influence of one’s character to design.

“In Character is quite a departure from our previous exhibitions, but is part of an exciting programme of activity here at RIBA North over the coming months.”