Bury FC ‘devastated’ by EFL refusal to rescind expulsion

Bury Football Club

Bury FC has launched a scathing attack on the English Football League (EFL) following its decision to expel the club two days ago.

The EFL confirmed Bury’s expulsion at 11pm on Tuesday this week after potential bidder C&N Sporting Risk pulled out of takeover talks and, the EFL claimed, owner Steve Dale could not provide proof of sufficient financial resources to support the club through the current season.

Mr Dale claimed several potential bidders emerged after C&N’s withdrawal, but the EFL remains steadfast in its decision.

This evening, (August 29) the club issued its first statement since the expulsion.

On behalf of everyone at the club, it said: “Everyone connected with Bury Football Club were shocked, and disappointed with the EFL’s decision to expel this wonderful, historic, community driven club from the Football league.

“This decision was taken despite a credible new bidder being made aware to them before Tuesday’s 5pm deadline.

“Given this, all staff, players and no doubt fans of Bury Football Club, are utterly devastated that despite the new bid to buy the club, the EFL have informed us that they will not be rescinding their decision.

“This is something we are struggling to comprehend as the new bidder has proven significant funds to the EFL, funds to allow them to takeover, run and secure the long-term future of Bury Football Club.

“Everyone at the club believed that such were the capabilities of the potential new owner, this would’ve started a brand new era for the club, seeing it go from strength to strength.”

The statement said: “The extreme lack of communication from the EFL has left all involved with Bury Football Club astonished and in dismay.

“As a club, we are still pursuing other options, based on the outcome of where the EFL place us.

“Again, we would like to reiterate that the lack of communication from the EFL has been nothing short of dismal throughout this process.”

The club thanked all its supporters for “staying patient with us” while it tried to provide updates on the situation as frequently as possible.

It concluded: “All of us here at Bury Football Club have been thoroughly overwhelmed with the floods of support we have received from other football clubs, ex-players, fans of other football clubs and everyone else in the industry.

“We are truly grateful for all your thoughtful messages, proving once again the brilliance of the football family.”

The EFL has been contacted for a comment.