New asset management recruitment service launched

Stuart Chilvers

Stuart Chilvers, former senior partner at The Godliman Partnership, today launched a new asset management executive search firm, Tenebris Consulting Group.

Tenebris is based in King Street, in the heart of Manchester.

Joined at Tenebris by former Godliman Partnership partner Sarah Spencer and a number of other individuals who will be supporting the research effort, the new firm will support the breadth of the investment community across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and globally.

The firm’s areas of focus and expertise within asset management executive search and team acquisition include both the institutional and wholesale markets, as well as alternatives, fixed income and multi-asset.

It will span both capital and private markets, supporting leadership, distribution, and investment roles.

Unlike many organisations today, the technology used at Tenebris will be used to support the human effort, rather than substitute it.

The business will use a combination of bespoke and off-the-shelf IT solutions to support the firm’s sophisticated research effort and delivery across all areas of expertise.

Stuart Chilvers said: “At Tenebris we will deliver the highest quality service and advice to both our clients and candidates, taking a thorough and thoughtful approach to finding the industry’s best talent for global asset management firms through to specialist boutiques, across the UK and beyond.

“From our HQ in the heart of Manchester our approach will cut across the industry’s conventional geographical, cultural and gender-defined boundaries, simplify complexities, and ensure continuous and effective communication at all stages of a project.

“All supported with innovative technology allowing human intuition, interaction and creativity to flourish, ultimately helping our clients realise their ambitions.”

He added: “The world of finance is a skilled industry, and both investment and banking are dependent on people for innovation.

“It is great minds that will bring about reinvention, as they have done in the past, and with it, opportunity.

“Diversity is key. With new challenges ahead of us, we need new ways of thinking, and we need to start looking for this talent now.”

He said: “Having over 20 years’ experience securing business-critical senior and team hires within financial services executive search, I have hugely-ambitious aspirations for the relevance and added value Tenebris will deliver its clients.

“We will ensure a personalised approach and impactful result. The central aim of Tenebris as a firm is to amplify the qualities of its clients, as well as the skills of those they hire.

“Our ambitious aspirations are matched perfectly by both our deep market insight and understanding, and our core principles of creating and honouring our trusted client and contact relationships, from the longstanding to the newly formed.”

Stuart has focused his expertise exclusively on the asset management sector since 2000.

In his previous role as senior partner at The Godliman Partnership, he led searches for senior distribution roles, as well as C-suite and COO roles. He also worked across the business on the investment side successfully managing team lift outs and acquisitions.

He joined Godliman in 2009 as a senior partner, following the merger of Godliman with Gladstone Taylor, which he founded in 2007. Stuart started his career as a head-hunter in 1997 focusing on the investment banking sector.