Remote COVID-19 monitoring platform launched

Monica Spiteri
X The Business Desk

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A free online platform which allows people in the UK to self-monitor for symptoms and signs of COVID-19 while adhering to social distancing measures has been created in Manchester.

Called RemoteCovid, the platform has been developed by bio-clinical remote monitoring specialist NEPeSMO which was founded in 2017 by two  following 11 years of NHS-led and funded research.

Based on Krespiratory cliniciansing Street in the city centre, the company was already developing smart digital solutions for self-monitoring and personalised care of patients with respiratory conditions when the opportunity arose to apply its existing work to some of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The platform enables anyone in the UK to monitor their wellbeing from home during self-isolation and share progress reports about their health securely with their doctor or carer.

The RemoteCovid website, which is accessible via any desktop or mobile-based internet browser, is free to use.

It also gives concerned individuals access to the latest COVID-19 information from the NHS and World Health Organisation (WHO) within the same, easy-to-access platform.

Monica Spiteri, co-founder and chief executive of NEPeSMO, said: “We hope that RemoteCovid helps people during these worrying and anxious times.

“Our platform allows users to detect the early signs of a change in health and share significant developments with a medical practitioner in a way that does not contravene social distancing measures.

“For medical practitioners, RemoteCovid takes some of the pressure off doctors and NHS facilities by providing a means of maintaining contact with individuals who may be showing symptoms as and when the need arises. This means individuals should only contact their GP or dial 111 when they really need to.”

Benefits of RemoteCovid extend to healthcare providers, who can access patient progress reports, assess those with developing COVID-19 symptoms, and promptly identify those who may need to either be tested or have their level of care escalated.

Thanks to advice provided by solicitor and technology expert Ryan Gracey at law firm Gordons, RemoteCovid is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensures personal data is only gathered and shared in a secure manner.

Ryan Gracey said: “Monica and the team at NEPeSMO are extraordinarily talented, and their ability to move at speed to develop RemoteCovid was remarkable.

“It is now available for the benefit of everyone in the UK and the medical profession, and will contribute directly to the collective fight against the virus.”