Workers balloted as 350 job cuts threaten viability of factory

The Rolls-Royce factory in Barnoldswick could face strike action after the union Unite began a ballot for industrial action.

The company plans to cut 350 jobs after it decided to move the production of its Trent Engine blades to Singapore.

If the change goes ahead, the site will have lost 1,000 people in just two years and leave just 150 people working there, which the union says would raise “questions about its viability”.

Unite regional officer Ross Quinn said: “Industrial action is never taken lightly but our members will not allow this historic factory to close without a fight. The workers feel totally betrayed by Rolls-Royce’s management.

“This site is the heart and soul of jobs in this area, so the whole town is behind the campaign to keep the factory not just open but with a long term viable future.”

The ballot will close on October 16 and, if workers vote in favour, strikes could begin in early November.