Landmark achievement for growing document management company

Document management company Topwood has successfully achieved the British Standard 10008 for the legal admissibility of electronic documents. Through a series of audits, both the quality of scanned documents and the security of controls and procedures have been adjudged as meeting the most stringent of standards.

Owner of Topwood, Tom Gilruth, said: “We are delighted to have successfully achieved 10008.  This was a key target for us since we scaled up the scanning bureau earlier in the year.  In truth, I have been amazed by the commitment of my staff team and their ‘buy-in’ to the vision we put forward to them. Getting 10008 is a real affirmation that their hard work is paying off and that we are now a very serious player in the Electronic Document world”.

Having documents scanned by Topwood’s 10008 compliant processes means that any electronic document is automatically categorized as evidence B which is the second tier down after Eyewitness accounts and is the very highest for digital documents.  This is very important for Topwood’s clients, many of whom are the region’s major law firms.

Commenting on the Standard, business development director Mark Baterip, explained: “Achieving 10008 literally puts us in the top 10% of companies in our industry. In terms of what is says to our clients, it is the ‘gold standard’ both in terms of the quality of work we do but also the security and robustness of our processes.  Having begun this journey in June, I am justifiably proud of the efforts of my team and the work and learning that they have put in”.

Topwood has continued to grow steadily throughout 2020 with FIVE new appointments being made since July.  Plans are now approved to appoint two further full time employees early 2021 which augers well for a continued development of all service areas.  At a time when world events are having an impact on all businesses, Topwood are managing to continue to offer exceptional service-led solutions for clients new and old.

Topwood was established more than fifteen years ago but moved to its new home on the Wrexham Industrial Estate in March of 2019.  With more than 300,000 boxes in store there and at its other site, along with its fleet of mobile shredding trucks, Topwood aims to be a one stop solution for businesses who are making the transition from ‘Paper to Data’. Topwood now has a full suite of digital solutions including Archiving, Mailrooms, Accounts, Legal and HR.