Data centre invests £450k into improved resilience

Teledata's back-up generators

Manchester data centre operator Teledata has invested £450,000 into improved resilience at its Wythenshawe colocation and cloud hosting facility.

This investment further protects the company’s data centre infrastructure and guards against incidents that would otherwise cause downtime to critical customer-hosted systems, applications, data and online presence.

Three brand new diesel power generators, installed by UK generator manufacturer CPS Generators, offer multi-megawatt power generation capacity to support the data centre’s infrastructure against mains power outages.

Should mains power fail, the generators and existing battery backup systems will be called upon to seamlessly protect all customer power with enough fuel on-site to sustain protection for an extended period of time.

Advanced, automated synchronisation between the generators balances the electrical load and reacts fast in the event of failure of any of the individual engines, transferring power to the other engines without risk of power loss.

Through the implementation of sophisticated control systems which integrate with high capacity UPS battery backup systems, the firm has also been able to dictate a staged transfer of the site’s electrical load onto the new generators, reducing the potential for individual generator failure and, thus, improving the resilience of the data centre facility during main power loss situations.

Teledata director, Matt Edgley, said: “As a data centre, it is our job to keep the lights on – no matter what.

“As customer requirements change and the load put upon our facility increases, it’s vital that we expand and improve to meet those demands.

“Every second of downtime can potentially result in tens of thousands of pounds of financial losses, along with damaging reputational losses, so we’re committed to continuous improvement of our facility to ensure that we’re providing our clients with the most robust and resilient data centre services that the industry can offer.”

Teledata’s UPS systems take the majority of the load for a substantial period, allowing the generators to start, stabilise and intelligently accept the controlled transfer of the load of the site in a gradual manner to ensure a smooth transition.

This guarantees zero downtime, and complete business continuity for Teledata’s clients.

Teledata recently became the first UK colocation facility to join the smart grid with battery storage, as part of a project to improve environmental efficiencies with low loss transformer and voltage optimisation, boosting the resilience of the facility by improving the shelf life of equipment, while reducing unnecessary energy waste and optimising the incoming power supply.

Teledata has also recently begun work on a £2m 7000 sq ft data centre expansion project to meet demand.

Based in Wythenshawe, Teledata provides colocation, cloud hosting, workplace recovery and data centre services to businesses across the UK.

The firm’s solutions are designed to enable organisations to protect their applications, data and online presence from the damaging effects of downtime, and to make the most effective and efficient use of technology with secure and scalable hosting platforms tailored to business-critical needs.

The building has some of the most sophisticated security of any data centre in Europe, with an on-site police-linked, NSI Gold Approved, BS5979 certified control room and alarm receiving centre making Teledata unique in the UK.