Software developer launches workplace Covid-19 testing solution

A software development company Smrtlink, has developed an integrated Covid-19 testing and monitoring solution to help businesses provide reassurance to staff and customers where working from home isn’t possible and travel to the workplace is deemed essential

The Birmingham-based firm, which focuses on intelligent people management solutions, has launched a new service, SMRT:Testing. It has partnered with a government approved provider of Rapid Flow Covid-19 tests to enable businesses across a wide range of sectors to purchase kits alongside its SMRT:Monitor software to ensure a seamless solution to workforce testing on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Together the software – a secure web-based portal and easy to operate mobile app – and the tests aim to help add a layer of safety assurance for employers whose workforce are either still working as normal or are set to return in the near future through intelligent tracking of testing.

The technology allows users to book testing time slots, upload test results to a secure web-based portal, sends automated reminders to employees who fail to attend their test or to submit results and notifies designated members of staff of positive results immediately upon receipt.

Mark Hales, managing director of Smrtlinks, said: “The Government has placed a legal obligation on employers to provide a Covid safe workplace for their employees, while some employers have experienced reluctancy from staff to return due to concerns for themselves and their families.

“As more testing is made available, employers are able to offer a higher level of assurance regarding safety within the workplace environment, however the data around these tests needs to be properly recorded and shared.

“Our solution is to provide employers with testing kits alongside an easy to use, reliable app solution that allows employers and employees to keep track of compliance and outcomes in real time.

“Alerts can be sent automatically from the system to designated managers as soon as an employee tests positive.”

The Covid-19 Rapid Flow tests provided through Smrtlinks have been certified by Public Health England (PHE) as one of five manufactured Antigen tests able to detect the new variant of Covid-19. They have a sensitivity of 95%, specificity of 100%, and overall accuracy of 98.6%.

The launch of the new service is timely as recently released independent research carried out by Honeymen and Wakefield into Covid safety in workplaces found that nearly three-quarters of respondents did not feel completely safe in their workplace, with half worried about contracting coronavirus by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

The research, which polled 500 UK workers who are usually based in large buildings with 500 or more people, also found that just 45 per cent of workplaces had safety protocols in place such as social distancing and mandatory mask wearing.

This was despite the majority of respondents citing such measures as fundamental to making them feel safe at work.

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