A ‘revolution’ for UK SME businesses

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By Tim Whitworth at Bizdaq, a UK based tech company empowering business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to buy, grow and sell their business for free.

The world of SME business sales, in the main, has been ‘sleepy’. Until now.

Bizdaq has launched a pioneering platform to revolutionise the market – making it completely free for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to buy, grow and sell.

After working alongside SME businesses and start-ups for many years, and particularly over the last 12 months, we recognised that to thrive businesses and entrepreneurs need support from like-minded people.

Thousands of businesses were launched during the pandemic whilst many existing ones were forced to close or hibernate. These businesses need somewhere to turn for guidance not only to survive but to grow and thrive.

That’s why we wanted to give business owners a space to access game-changing resources and become part of a rapidly growing business community without a catch.

With the UK economy bouncing back, the launch of this exciting online platform has come at the perfect time for business owners and potential buyers looking to take control of their future.

Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, the Bizdaq mission is to help businesses unlock their full potential, offering engaging, informative insights and guides on a wide range of topics – providing inspiration for everyone, regardless of experience.

Bizdaq is also launching a series of webinars, collaborating with big brands and experts across different fields to offer practical advice on everything from how to get seen on social media to what you can do to boost your business’s sales.

One of the main shifts that Bizdaq is bringing to the market concerns owners looking to sell their business and move on to something new. Traditionally, a business broker or agent will charge 5-10% of the business sale price as commission – a charge that might not be appropriate or offer the best value for money.

Using Bizdaq, business owners can sell for free… no catches, no hidden charges and no restrictions on use.

We operate Intelligent.co.uk, a leading UK business sales agent.

We know the cost to serve can be high and we know many clients do value these services appropriately. However, we also know from our experience the agent model isn’t necessarily appropriate for all businesses and/or owners.

Bizdaq is an online, self-serve platform, benefiting from decades of expertise but without the substantial costs and overheads involved in the bespoke high-service agent model. I just want to help as many buyers and sellers find their perfect match; Bizdaq can do this and save them money in the process!

Bizdaq has been built using innovative technology, it is intuitive to use and quickly allows sellers through their dashboard to input their key business information and receive an instant valuation; it then produces a high-quality, SEO rich, digital listing that has been optimized to be visible to all those looking to buy.

Bizdaq reduces what has previously been a slow and daunting process into five simple steps, meaning with Bizdaq a business can be live on the market in under 30 minutes, immediately connecting buyers and sellers.

You can join the fastest growing worldwide business community instantly at www.mybizdaq.com.