Plans go in for Brunswick Mill transformation

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A planning application has been submitted for Brunswick Place mixed use scheme in Manchester.

The proposals, which will breathe new life into the listed Brunswick Mill building on Bradford Road, East Manchester, have been designed by award-winning architect Hodder+Partners.

They include the refurbishment and conversion of the historic mill building to provide 277 new homes set around an attractive central courtyard, including the construction of two adjacent new buildings fronting Bradford Road.

The mill is a local landmark and viewed as a key part the area’s character and heritage.

Along with the new courtyard, the plans would see the building sensitively restored with its most significant features retained and repaired, while the adjoining new build proposals have been purposely developed in terms of scale and massing to ensure that the mill remains the most prominent feature.

The site is seen as an opportunity to help link together New Islington and the Etihad Campus – continuing the transformative regeneration of the Eastlands district.

To help bring activity and vibrancy to Bradford Road, approximately 20,000 sq ft of workspace and community space will also be included on the ground floor of the refurbished mill.

Whilst “a convenient, well-lit and publicly accessible route” through the site to the Ashton Canal tow path will also help provide a revived sense of place.

A public consultation on Brunswick Place was held in December 2020, where the plans were shared with the local community, regular visitors to the area and local businesses.

On the vision for the site, Stephen Hodder MBE, Chairman of Hodder+Partners, said: “The main ambition of this scheme is to celebrate the listed Brunswick Mill, which is a key part of Manchester’s industrial heritage.

“The two new buildings for the site are designed to complement the mill and ensure its prominence in the area is not lost in future years.

“We want to create a sustainable and characterful neighbourhood that will enhance the local environment.”

The site owner’s relocation consultants have been in contact and discussed the future of the building with all existing occupiers of the mill. This engagement will continue throughout the planning process.

The project, brought forward by regeneration company Maryland Securities, will create 376 off-site and on-site construction jobs with the new residents and commercial occupiers creating an annual economic benefit of £25.5m over the first five years.

The new ground floor workspace and community accommodation would also support 155 jobs – a 45% increase compared to the current occupation.