Watch now: Invoice finance may be the perfect post-pandemic funding option

Ant Persse, CEO, Optimum Finance

Ant Persse, Chief Executive Officer of Optimum Finance

Earlier in May, Optimum Finance hosted a group of finance leaders to talk about a funding option that most businesses are missing out on.

Our panel included government representation in the form of the Small Business Commissioner and the British Business Bank (BBB), and contained some of the people responsible for shaping the government’s CBILS and Recovery Loan Scheme designed to tackle the COVID-19 recession.

There was resounding agreement between everyone that one of the key tools to helping businesses bounce back and stay on top of their deferred taxes, loan payments, and rent was invoice finance.

There was also shock from the participants at the low number of take up. The BBB Small Business Finance Market Report found that almost half of all businesses were aware of invoice finance but only 1% actually utilised this fantastic product.

We’d like to invite you to watch the full session of that discussion and see for yourself why our panel feel so passionately about invoice finance helping the SME regain its place in the UK economy.

Our panel of business finance leaders and influencers include:

  • Ant Persse, Chief Executive Officer of Optimum Finance
  • Warren Ralls, Managing Director of the British Business Bank UK Network
  • Paul Wain, Director of the British Business Bank Guarantee and Wholesale Solutions
  • Philip King, Small Business Commissioner
  • Josh Levy, Chief Executive Officer of Ultimate Finance
  • Martine Catton, Chief Commercial Officer of Just Cash Flow
  • Evette Orams, Managing Director of Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions;
  • James Hawksworth, Director in RSM Restructuring Advisory
  • Steve Noble, Managing Director of Reward Finance Group

Many business owners have heard of invoice finance but feel that it is the option of last resort. This is in no way the case and it can, in fact, be used to grow or even buy businesses.

The fact that the finance is secured against your existing sales ledger makes it one of the safest borrowing options with no requirement for any personal guarantees.

The growth aspect of invoice finance also makes it perfect for businesses recovering and regaining to their pre-pandemic levels of sales. The more you sell, the more invoices you raise, the more funding you can access. It’s as simple as that.

If you are a B2B business that trades on credit terms, invoice finance could offer you the working capital or additional funding you need without having to rely on loans or overdrafts.

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