CurveBlock partnership adds sustainable spark to property development

Innovative proptech company Curveblock is partnering with electric vehicle supplier Electric Zoo to further enhance the environmental credentials of its sustainable developments.

Curveblock’s houses can now be purchased with electric vehicles and electric bikes while its larger developments will come with EV car clubs and solar harvesting car parks.

Matthew Couch, Curveblock’s managing director for land and development, said: “Because we’re delivering houses which will produce 250% to 800% more energy than they consume, this collaboration is the perfect recipe to stimulate EV adoption.”

Curveblock is a property company that investors can back by buying tokens on a centralised exchange – combining the benefits of blockchain technology with the confidence of investing in bricks and mortar- albeit the the buildings are delivered using modern methods of construction.

Its model is for its carbon zero, energy positive real estate developments to produce a return for investors once the houses are built and sold.

David Reed, venture partner at CurveBlock, said: “It is exciting to see and be part of something that you know will ultimately be ‘how things are done’ at a point not too far into the future.

“Collaborating with forward-thinking partners like Electric Zoo is a natural fit with the ambitions we have in Curveblock and makes perfect sense as we look to explore how integrating different sustainable solutions will make a fundamentally positive difference to our planet.”

Curveblock’s developments utilise renewable energy and incorporate harvested water. View a short video showing the solar-covered car parking units that will power electric vehicles.

“Driving fully-EV cars powered by surplus renewable energy from your house, is a paradigm shift but not one where you are having to make a fundamental change as to how you live,” added Reed.

Electric Zoo co-founder Lash Saranna said: “Electric Zoo was an early adopter of the EV revolution and from day one we fundamentally underpinned Electric Zoo to assist in tackling the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

“We feel by being an exclusive partner with CurveBlock will only accelerate our revolution and strive to see EVs used by homeowners all across the UK.”

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