The Liverpool company shipping in 20,000,000 tea bags a year

Steve Crane, right, with director Fred Connolloy at their new warehouse in Hunts Cross
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A Liverpool company is bringing in more than 20,000,000 tea bags through the docks every year.

Brunswick International imports a 100-container shipment full of tea annually, before distributing the extraordinary number of tea bags inside to locations around the UK.

Yearly the warehouse and logistics company deals with around 20,000 containers, making the Hunts Cross company one of the biggest import and export firms in the UK.

And, on average, the UK drinks more than 100 million cups of tea every single day – so, to keep up with demand Brunswick International distributes the enormous number of tea bags as part of their major shipping operation by allocating 100 containers to just tea bags every 12 months.

Brunswick International managing director Steve Crane said: “We deal with more than 20,000 containers every year and at any time 100 of these will contain boxes of tea.

“Each container contains 2,000 boxes of tea, holding 100 tea bags, amounting to 20 million tea bags being shipped by us.

“The tea bags are just one part of a major operation we run out of the dockyards in Liverpool and Salford.

“We have an excellent customs facility and clear shipments – whether it comes via air or sea – at every port and airport in the UK while our fleet of vehicles and huge 60,000sq ft warehouse facilities simply mean our operation has been able to hugely grow since the Brexit vote.”

Brunswick International have operated in the shipping industry for more than two decades and have a stellar track record throughout their time operating from Liverpool Docks before the expansion to Salford.

They predominantly operate within the USA and China while their ability to clear customs and move freight by road, sea and air is highly valued.

The international shipping and logistics firm opened a new £2m HQ and customs bond facility in Hunts Cross two months ago following extra demand for their services post-Brexit.

They left their Kirkdale base, where they had operated for more than two decades, to open their new 50,000sq ft warehouse on Triumph Business Park.

The new site, which also includes 15,000sq ft of external storage, follows a surge in demand from growing numbers of domestic and international clients since the UK left the European Union.