Springs maker opens £750k production line as markets bounce back to life

From left: Amy Hanson, Ellie Jenkinson, Luke Jenkinson
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A Rochdale manufacturer has installed a second £750,000 production line in its factory that will boost its capacity by nearly 50%.

Hanson Springs works extensively with the oil, gas, nuclear, power generation and railway industries and had planned to complete the much needed production line 18 months ago.

However, because of COVID-19, the investment was delayed and the production line at its facility in Gorrels Way has only just been completed.

Directors John Hanson and Lisa Jenkinson, whose father Malcolm founded the business in 1963 and remains the managing director, said the new addition would help them meet a burgeoning order book.

John Hanson said: “We could previously produce 12 tonnes of springs a day but the new production line will enable us to produce an extra five tonnes a day.

“The new production line is the missing piece of the jigsaw and will be able to make larger springs weighing between 30kg and 100kg, so it’s a big step forward.

“We’re delighted it’s finally ready as our sales are now higher than they were before the pandemic.”

Hanson Springs is one of the world’s largest independent spring manufacturers. It employs 230 people and has an annual turnover of around £26m.

Lisa Jenkinson, head of purchasing, said the new production line would mean the company is less reliant on the oil and gas industry.

“Our main market is oil and gas and they’re really busy at the moment,” she said. “This will enable us to broaden our customer base. Our sales are higher than they were before the pandemic and now we have to ramp up our production levels.

“The last 18 months have been very difficult for a lot of companies and we’re no different. The impact of COVID and Brexit has had an impact on recruitment and supply chains but it’s vital we keep investing in the business.”

Lisa’s children, Luke Jenkinson, 21, and Ellie Jenkinson, 18, along with John’s daughter, Amy Hanson, 18, have all recently joined the Rochdale manufacturer.

Lisa said: “We’re proud to be a family business. We’re delighted that Luke, Ellie and Amy have joined, but lots of staff also have relatives in the business and that family feel is one of the reasons for our longevity and success.”

As well as two bases in Rochdale the company has a US distribution warehouse in Dallas.