Code Ninjas network announces its first North West location

Code Ninjas, the global kids’ coding franchise with more than 220 locations open across the US, Canada, and the UK, has announced its first North West location.

Hyde, in Greater Manchester, will be the first venture to open in the region early next year.

Gary Horton and his wife and business partner, Suzanne are owners of the new operation. He said: “Children and parents want a broad choice of quality enrichment activities for their children and whilst sport and arts are well catered for, there’s long been a gap in terms of structured, sociable, fun STEM options.

“Code Ninjas is a unique opportunity for children to supplement their mainstream education through play, while also developing some vital life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork.”

He added: “The need for kids to develop their abilities in STEM subjects is growing as technology becomes so embedded in countless career pathways.

“Learning to code the Code Ninjas way is not only fun but will help children massively in their future career prospects as colleges and jobs continue to cry out for those with comprehensive skills in computing, technology, and coding.

“We hope to provide these opportunities which will introduce more and more children to the true potential and creative demands of technology.”

Along with Hyde, Code Ninjas classes and camps will also be opening in Borehamwood, Bridgend, Epsom and Newton Mearns, the second location to open in Scotland and the first in the Glasgow area.

Grant Smith, VP of education at Code Ninjas, says this generation of Code Ninjas students is a sample of the many children becoming more seriously invested in the technology they consume.

He said: “It’s no surprise that the demand for our services is at an all-time high. Kids have been forced into consuming more technology than any other generation in history because of the pandemic.

“Considering how brilliant children between the ages of five-14 are at learning and soaking up information, it’s no surprise that their interests and passions have been piqued by the endless possibilities of the easily accessible technology that they use on a daily basis.

“Code Ninjas gives kids the chance to build on the skills they have been developing their whole lives, in a fun, sociable and cooperative environment.

“By detaching the Code Ninjas experience from the mainstream ‘school’ experience, they don’t enter the dojo with woes and worries, but an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

“That is what defines the success of Code Ninjas and is exactly why so many entrepreneurs have bought into our unique and successful mission.”