Proposals for 135,000 sq ft Haydock scheme could bring 300 jobs

Plans for the site

Plans for a new commercial unit could secure up to 300 jobs for St Helens.

The development, on land at Haydock Green, could be vital in helping the borough attract new blue-chip occupiers and giving the borough a competitive edge, according to specialist property agents B8 Real Estate.

Proposals for a new 135,000 sq ft commercial unit will be the second phase of development at Haydock Green.

The first stage of the development set new benchmarks for rent and values with the completed building being sold to Warrington Borough Council in 2019 for £46.5m.

Located at the junction of the M6 and the East Lancs Road , the strategically connected and accessible site is seen as one of the North West’s premier commercial locations.

A previous application for a similar sized building on this plot was approved in 2018, but B8 Real Estate believes the new plans will give St Helens the ideal unit in the perfect location.

B8’s Jon Thorne said: “The existing planning consent is now almost four years old and the market has moved on since then in terms of the specification and unit configuration that occupiers now require, so a change to the planning is required to reflect an updated layout design and specification.

“This development will provide St Helens with a highly attractive site, in a prime location and something that is not currently available in the market. There is really strong demand in the industrial and logistics sector at the moment, but it’s all about the right offer in the right place and at the right time.”

B8 report that several potential new occupiers have already enquired about the site’s availability and the timeline for delivery of the new unit.

Jon Thorne said: “We believe that this is one of the prime sites in the North West for a building of this size due to its unrivalled prominence to M6 traffic and proximity to this key junction, and this is borne out by the strong market interest.

“There is a previous consent on the site that has been through a full Environmental Assessment, so the development team are looking forward to working closely with the planners, to bring this project to the market as quickly as possible, and secure new jobs for St Helens.”

The project could be on site in the second quarter of this year.