Supermarket development recommended for approval at busy Liverpool site

Liverpool planning officers have recommended approval for a new Lidl supermarket, despite more than 60 objections.

The supermarket group says the development will lead to many local job opportunities.

However, 62 objections have been lodged, but the council papers on the application say: “Whilst raising concerns about predominantly highway safety issues, a large proportion of the representation did not oppose the principle of the proposed retail store.”

Rival supermarket, Morrisons, has also objected on the grounds of the retail impact of the proposed store.

The notes also reveal that 114 responses were received in favour of the development.

The site, in Belle Vale, is on a busy part of Childwall Valley Road.

It was formerly home to the Coronation pub, a single storey bookmakers, and Childwall Brook nursing home, which were demolished more than 10 years ago, leaving vacant land.

The Lidl application proposes to build a store, served by 115 car parking spaces, including electric vehicle charging points.

In recommending the application for approval, planning officers said there would be no other preferable sites for this scheme, which is considered “of an accepable design” and would not impact on surrounding residential amenities.

The proposal will be considered at next week’s planning committee, on April 12.

Last month’s planning committee approved another scheme by Lidl, together with a drive-thru restaurant, on Great Homer Street, in the Everton ward, which will create 60 jobs.

This was despite objections by rival chain Sainsbury’s, which has a major retail store nearby.

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