Bury gin maker serves up its Hot Cross Bun Gin to Aldi’s Australian customers

On the eve of Easter, Bury-based Manchester Drinks Co has secured a contract to supply its unique Hot Cross Bun Gin Liqueur to Aldi stores across Australia.

The spirit was trialed by the retail giant in 2021 and proved so successful that Aldi has extended its availability across the continent.

Richard Benjamin, co-founder of Manchester Drinks Co, said: “We were surprised when Aldi Australia placed its first order because we thought that hot cross buns were just a British thing.

“It turns out they’re extremely popular down under, too. We spent some time creating the flavour which is our classic gin infused with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.”

Paul Handley, spirits and beer buying director for ALDI, said: “Hot Cross Bun Gin became an instant favourite with our customers when it was introduced last year.

“It sold out in record time so we’re very excited to be bringing it back for Easter again this year. It’s a great twist on a classic festive favourite.”

Manchester Drinks Co was founded in 2005 by Richard Benjamin and Brian Levine.

The company produces a range of products including soft drinks, cocktails, seltzers and small batch gins which are sold throughout the UK.