Online meal prep business hungry for expansion, with £2m turnover target

Michelle and James Laithwaite

The trend towards pre-prepared, healthy, restaurant-quality meals has seen a Warrington firm experience a 300% year-on-year growth in profits.

Online meal prep business Food Hub is targeting revenues of £2m, just three years since its formation by husband and wife team, James and Michelle Lathwaite.

The company, which now employs 15 staff, has ambitions to invest in its technology platform to make its meal offering even more bespoke for customers.

Food Hub has established partnerships with national governing bodies, football teams in the EFL Championship and two of Super League rugby clubs, with Team GB, England Rugby, Fulham FC, Blackpool FC, Derby County FC, Warrington Wolves and Catalan Dragons among its customer base.

The business also boasts an impressive portfolio of elite athletes from across the sporting world.

James, a retired professional rugby league player, and COO of Food Hub, said: “I played rugby for a long time, and as an athlete I knew – and still know – how hard it is to eat healthy, quality food when you’ve got a busy life.

“My playing career was heavily impacted by injuries, so I gained a deeper understanding of the part nutrition plays in supporting your mental and physical recovery, general health and training needs.

“We’ve seen a huge appetite in Fuel Hub from day one, and I’m really proud of how our business has gone from strength to strength – 2022 is set to be another very exciting year.”

Michelle Laithwaite, CEO of Fuel Hub, said: “Consumer attitudes towards food and the environment are changing. There’s much better education around meal prep and the part it can play in a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

“It goes without saying that the pandemic has given us all a taste of having everything delivered to our doorstep, which is why our service is so appealing. Having pre-cooked meals delivered straight to your door and ready in three minutes saves so much planning time, and shopping and cooking.”

She added: “We’ve developed an offering that is eco-friendly but doesn’t compromise on quality or taste. As we continue to innovate our product range and expand it nationally, grow our fantastic team and focus on our presence across sporting organisations, our target revenue is well within our sights.”