Business services provider snapped up by global player

Andrew Fahey

Warrington business services company, The Brookson Group, has been acquired by global group People2.0 for an undisclosed sum.

US-based People2.0, which claims to be the world’s largest global employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services platform, unveiled the deal for Brookson, a provider of support services to UK freelancers and independent contractors.

It said the move will unlock Brookson’s large accountancy, umbrella employment, legal services, financial services, and independent workforce technology for People2.0, while expanding Brookson’s global capabilities for its client universe of workers and recruitment partners.

Erik Vonk, People2.0 executive chairman, said: “The addition of Brookson to the People2.0 family significantly enhances our ability to unburden independent contractors and facilitate flexible, remote and independent work arrangements.

“It also signifies a critical step towards our goal of being recognised as the premier provider of global ‘Total IC Solutions’.”

He added: “The tectonic shift toward independent work arrangements increases the need for high quality, technologically advanced, ‘portable,’ global support that stays with the worker, anywhere, at all times, regardless of the type of work arrangement.

“The Brookson know-how, experience, and technology will keep us on the frontline of the workforce revolution.

“We can now offer independent contractors the continuous support services they need to maximis their earnings while ensuring proper compliance. In the coming months, we will be working closely with the Brookson team to create a Center of Excellence in the UK, with plans to expand this offering around the world.”

The Brookson Group has been providing services to contractors, the recruitment sector, and contingent labor supply chain for more than 20 years.

Andrew Fahey, Brookson Group CEO, said: “We are excited for the opportunity to expand our services on a global scale that partnering with People2.0 provides.

“No other EOR/AOR services platform provider can offer such a large, global network for our client portfolio of partners and independent workers. The future of possibilities for our company is truly limitless.”

Brookson’s leadership team will be assuming key roles in the new entity.

This will ensure relational continuity and enable them to guide clients in making best use of People2.0’s global resources.