City round-up: N Brown; Genedrive

Part of the Simply Be/Hirestreet collection

Simply Be, a strategic brand within Manchester-based online fashion and homeware retailer N Brown Group, has launched its first clothing rental edit in partnership with Hirestreet, the UK’s accessible fashion rental platform.

The rental edit is made up of 23 womenswear pieces, including some of Simply Be’s best selling own-label occasionwear dresses from the current season and a bridal dress which currently retails at £220.

The items all benefit from Simply Be’s fit expertise and flattering detailing, with items featuring shirring and stretch lace material. The edit is available in an inclusive range of sizes, from 10-32.

The retail price of these clothes on Simply Be starts at £55 and extends to £220, so the edit will enable these popular items to be worn by more women as customers will now be able to rent clothes on Hirestreet from just £14 for four days.

The launch of its first rental edit is another important milestone in N Brown’s wider sustainability strategy, SUSTAIN, through which the group strives to make a meaningful impact by driving sustainability and reducing emissions. The launch of a rental edit will help to extend the lifespan of its products and encourage customers to embrace circularity.

Angela Gaskell, group sourcing, sustainability, quality and fit director at N Brown, said: “We want to move away from the make-use-dispose culture of the fashion industry and embrace circularity, where products are made sustainably, used for a longer time, and then re-used or recycled.

“We know our customers also want to be more circular, which is why partnering with Hirestreet is a really exciting step forward for Simply Be. We will also be able to offer our clothing to new customers through Hirestreet, whilst showcasing our expertise in fit through the quality pieces on offer within the edit.”

Isabella West, CEO of Hirestreet, said: “Simply Be are experts in creating clothing that makes women feel amazing. Their focus on flattering design and the exceptional work they have done on fit makes them the perfect rental partner.”


David Budd

Manchester molecular testing business, Genedrive, announced today that the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has started an evaluation of CYP2C19 genotype testing for Clopidogrel treatment, via a new NICE Diagnostics Assessment Programme (DAP) and Genedrive’s CYP2C19 ID Kit, currently in development, has been included in the assessment.

Both of genedrive’s new emergency point of care genetic screening tests are now included in new NICE reviews.

Clopidogrel is a drug that is given to ischemic stroke patients to prevent further clot formation. The CYP2C19 gene is involved in a metabolic pathway in the liver that converts Clopidogrel to its active form. Clopidogrel is less effective in individuals with certain genetic CYP2C19 variants because they do not metabolize Clopidogrel fully.

As a consequence, it has a reduced impact on lowering the risk of a further stroke. Genedrive’s CYP2C19 ID kit, can provide guidance on which patients will respond to Clopidogrel. Patients with gene variants that result in reduced or loss of function of CYP2C19 can be given alternative treatments.

The Genedrive test has been designed to have extended coverage across ethnic populations, which is important because the frequency of the various CYP2C19 related genetic changes differs across ethnicities.

David Budd, Genedrive CEO, said: “We are pleased to be included as a participant in this latest NICE DAP programme. The review is very timely for us, given the current development of our new CYP2C19 ID Point of Care test.

“The clinical landscape for genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy has advanced in the last two years, with a growing number of pharmacogenetic clinical bodies recommending genotype-guided Clopidogrel administration. These guidelines and ongoing supporting factors such as this new NICE review serve to mature the market and ultimately can create a faster rate of adoption for new products such as our new Genedrive CYP2C19 ID Kit.”

The DAP will assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Clopidogrel genotype testing, including any advantages of point of care testing vs central lab-based testing, to make recommendations on its use in the NHS.

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