Digital specialist launches £2m fund to help SMEs deliver digital ambitions

Richard Thompson

A £2m funding pot has been set up to help SMEs thrive and fulfil their digital ambitions.

Manchester-based digital transformation specialist ANS is behind the initiative which aims to help small firms overcome the cost-of-living crisis, rising inflation and a looming recession.

Businesses can apply to the ANS Ambition Fund to cut the costs associated with digital transformation projects across a range of technologies, including public cloud platforms and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ANS has mobilised its ecosystem of suppliers and partners to contribute to the pot, while offering direct discounts itself.

The £2m pot is available for the next 12 months and businesses with fewer than 300 staff can apply for a contribution to eligible projects contracted to be undertaken by ANS.

ANS CRO, Richard Thompson, said: “With the current economic conditions, it’s understandable that some SMBs are considering pausing digital investment. But these projects are often absolutely critical for businesses to compete during the tough times – making them faster, smarter and more efficient.

“Thanks to the strength of our relationships up and down the channel, we’ve been able to activate our partners to release a huge amount of funding that SMBs simply wouldn’t have been able to access alone.

“We’ve also put our own hand in our pocket to offer discounts, remove up-front costs and strip away complexity with fine-tuned automation.”

Core to ANS’s business model and strategy is a commitment to ‘democratise’ technology, making innovative tech accessible to all organisations.

The firm recently announced the launch of a new public cloud service for SMBs, cutting the cost and complexity of public cloud adoption for small businesses. It also offers a simplified, automated and tailored Dynamics 365 sales CRM for SMBs at a fraction of the usual cost.

CEO, Paul Shannon, said: “Already this year we’ve released a range of services that help SMBs, so the ANS Ambition Fund is the next natural step. We’ve pledged to always be there for the underdog, and when times are tough that’s the moment for us to step up.

“Business owners can’t afford for inflation to stifle their digital ambitions, or cause them to lose a yard against the competition.

“Standing still is moving backwards when larger competitors continue to invest in improving their technology. We want this fund to fuel, enable and accelerate the digital growth of UK SMBs, and I’m confident it will do just that.”