JLR targeting turbulent tech industry to fill 800 new roles

JLR electric hybrid technology

Luxury car maker, Jaguar Land Rover has embarked on a recruitment drive to fill 800 hi-tech vacancies across the group.

It said it is targeting workers from the digital technology industry. The group could focus on sector leaders, such as Facebook and Twitter, where thousands of employees are facing redundancy.

The group, which makes vehicles at plants in Merseyside and the West Midlands, said it has digital and engineering vacancies across the UK, Ireland, USA, India, China and Hungary.

JLR is opening a jobs portal for displaced workers from the tech industry to explore career opportunities, offering hybrid working patterns.

Available roles span Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, Electrification, Cloud Software, Data Science, Machine Learning and more, as the company becomes a digital-first and data-driven organisation.

The group said these skills are essential to developing, building and repairing Jaguar Land Rover’s next generation of cars that, it says, will epitomise beauty and modern luxury, while delivering for clients a fully connected experience.

Anthony Battle, JLR chief information officer, said: “We are further strengthening our data and digital skills base so we can deliver our Reimagine strategy and become an electric-first business from 2025 and achieve carbon net zero by 2039.

“Our digital transformation journey is well under way, but being able to recruit highly skilled digital workers is an important next step. We are pleased to be able to provide opportunities to talented individuals with digital capabilities.”

Dave Nesbitt, digital product platform director, said: “Jaguar Land Rover is transforming to an electric-first business, and we are creating some of the most digitally advanced vehicles ever seen.

“Through our products we will create new experiences, new levels of intimacy and connected car services for our customers, to give our clients a true modern luxury experience.”

Through its cost-cutting Reimagine strategy, JLR said it is at the forefront of the rapidly changing automotive industry with a focus on electrification, digital services and data.