Innovative North West law firm launching new service to help ‘businesses with purpose’

Darryl Cooke doing his podcast

North West-based law firm Gunner Cooke is launching a new business, gcCrescendo, aimed at helping founders of purpose-led SMEs grow their businesses.

gcCrescendo is a subscription-based model that aims to provide expertise, content and a community to support purpose driven founders and business leaders as they grow their businesses.

Gunner Cooke and gcCrescendo founder Darryl Cooke commented: “The sad reality is that about 90% of start-ups fail within the first year. We anticipate that this model will reduce that number dramatically and give a founder with a purpose beyond just profit the greatest chance of success.”

Members will be able to participate in one-to-one learning with top business coaches and peer-to-peer learning with other purpose-led founders that are facing the same struggles.

Members will have access to legal resources and business strategy tools.

Cooke is building a reputation as a regional philanthropist prepared to think differently about business and creating change.

The business model of Gunner Cooke, launched in 2010,  also differs from the traditional law firm model and claims to be more agile and flexible.

In December he set up a Community Interest Company to operate a new bookstore and meeting space at the site of the old Manchester Reform Club on the top of King Street in the heart of the traditional financial district.

He also co-hosts The Inspiring Leadership Podcast, with former police chief Sir Peter Fahy.

Even in his days as a more traditional corporate lawyer with Addleshaw Goddard, Cooke was involved in supporting initiatives like the Commonwealth Games Business Club in 2002 and a conference and exhibition in 2001 called IFEW, which sought to promote Manchester as a business centre.

However, this time Cooke said the emphasis will be on business with purpose: “We’re focusing on founders and leaders that have a focus on profit through purpose – companies that are trying to do good for people and the planet. We believe strongly in leaving the world in a better place than we found it.

“At gcCrescendo we welcome founders from any sectors, but they must have the aim of having a positive impact on their people, their customers and suppliers, their communities and/or the environment.

“We want to encourage purpose-driven leaders and founders to reach for new heights. They will be beacons for better business and a better world.”

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