Friday High Five – what’s been in the news this week

We have a responsibility to carry the news and make judgements.

We also have to be driven by balance and tone.

I feel painfully aware at the moment that the economic news, like the world news, is pretty grim.

Only this morning I was going through the half year figures of FRP, one of the big restructuring and insolvency firms, sometimes unkindly referred to as the undertakers of the business world. If they’re doing well, it often means the rest of the business world isn’t.

They’re doing well. Really well.

Another turnaround business Interpath has been called in at Real Good Food Group to look at all options for one of their subsidiaries in Liverpool.

To counter that wall of gloom, we could highlight the positives and start to chart the more optimistic view that things are getting better.

But we also try and point out not just that something has happened, but why it happened.

The story about Greensill Capital is one that we will no doubt be returning to. There are more enquiries and investigations ongoing than I realised.

But as I said in the headline there are winners and losers.

The undertakers, for one.

But sadly not the staff at Daresbury who lost their jobs.

Have a great weekend.

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