Friday High Five – what’s in the news this week

This week we started getting noisy about our intention to start a new Rainmakers news and analysis platform in March.

It will bring insights and investigative journalism to our coverage of the volatile and fast changing corporate finance world.

But if you wanted a clearer illustration of the aspiration for our coverage then you got a glimpse in our daily news stories this week.

My colleague Neil Hodgson has been all over the story about Everton’s potential new owners, 777 Holdings.

Their chances of taking over at Goodison Park look slimmer by the day as their financial credibility took another knock.

Andy Bell’s return to the front line with Applied Nutrition also fuels speculation that he might be a good long term prospect as chairman of Everton.

Elsewhere, we had good connections that gave us good insights into the £400m + carve out deal at Marlowe PLC funded by Inflexion.

This week I also enjoyed hearing about Australian software unicorn SafetyCulture, which has a smart new base in Manchester.

On my way to meet them I texted a pal in Australia who mixes in such circles (who was asleep, obviously). The next day he replied to tell me how SafetyCulture founder Luke Anear is a poster boy for Austech and has had a film made about their global success.

Finally, I was a little shaken this week by the desperately sad news about Rob Crossland, possibly because we’re of similar age.

I didn’t know him well, but was impressed with how he built up his businesses, while always niggled by self-doubt and a working class sense of pride that he was as good as anyone else.

He did what he did because he was passionate about making things simpler for contractors. When he became wealthier and successful he started a consultancy called Do Well Do Good.

He also joined the board and sponsored his boyhood Rugby League team, Hull Kingston Rovers.

It’s a timely reminder that life can be cruelly short. He achieved a great deal, pursued his passions and lived a full life. But 57 is no age.

My passion is journalism and the pursuit of truth and justice. It’s why I came back to this profession. This week is a reminder to keep doing what you love.

And on that note, have a great weekend.

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