The Sustainable Kitchen Revolution of Used and Ex-Display Units

The move towards used and ex-display kitchen units is a big part of the nation’s environmental awareness. More than ever, property owners are looking to reduce their carbon footprint while renovating.

Used kitchens present an economic opportunity. These lightly used units are often sold for significantly less than their recommended retail price. They also allow buyers to repurpose high-quality units that may have otherwise been discarded as landfill. 

By purchasing a used kitchen, you may be able to curtail the environmental impact involved with new manufactures.

Is a used kitchen the same as an ex-display kitchen?

While both used and ex-display kitchens offer a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to buying new, they are distinct in terms of origin, usage, and general condition.

What are second-hand / used kitchens? 

Second-hand or ‘used’ kitchens refer to units that have been previously installed and used in a home. 

Depending on their age and use, they may show signs of wear and tear. The condition can vary significantly; some used kitchens for sale might need minor refurbishments, while others might be well-maintained and almost like new. 

What are ex-display kitchens? 

In contrast, ex-display kitchens are models that have been showcased in retail or showroom settings to display their offerings. These are not used for regular cooking and typically suffer minimal wear, primarily from being viewed or lightly interacted with by customers. 

They may occasionally have minor cosmetic blemishes but generally come with the latest designs that have not been subjected to the rigours of everyday kitchen use. 

Retailers often sell ex-display units at a reduced price when they update showroom models or discontinue certain designs or features​. 

How does it work? 

The process of buying, selling and acquiring a used or ex-display kitchen is intricate. 

Businesses that specialise in the resale of these units may source them from showroom clearances, which include display models updated to make room for new stock, and from homeowners renovating their properties. 

When a kitchen is acquired, the company evaluates it to determine its condition, completeness, and market value. 

Sellers provide detailed information about the kitchen units, including dimensions, materials, and appliance details. Photographs are also taken to aid in the online presentation. 

The kitchens are then listed on specialised platforms where potential buyers can view detailed descriptions, photos, and prices. Once a buyer is found, the transaction details, including the price and the removal date, are finalised. 

The kitchen is professionally dismantled. The company selling the kitchen often handles this dismantling to ensure it is done correctly and to preserve the quality of all components for reinstallation​. It will then be delivered to the buyer’s location. 

Some companies offer installation services by experienced fitters who can install the kitchen in the new home. These services could include adapting the kitchen to the new space through unit modifications. 

Why buy an ex-display or used kitchen?

In recent years, the used kitchen market has significantly expanded. Buying second-hand has numerous benefits, most notably related to cost, convenience and environmental impact. 

It’s an ethical option 

Buying an ex-display kitchen supports recycling. 

By investing in second-hand units, you inadvertently reduce the demand for new resources, lower manufacturing emissions, and reduce the energy used in the production of new kitchens. 

Consumers then prevent perfectly good materials from being discarded and promote a circular economy where resources are conserved. 

Save a kitchen from landfill

Every year, substantial amounts of solid waste are destined for landfills, including large quantities of home renovation materials that could have been reused​. 

By choosing to install a used or ex-display kitchen, you are directly contributing to waste reduction. These kitchens are often almost like new and can include luxurious designs that might otherwise be unaffordable. 

It can be reconfigured to fit your space

One of the great advantages of used kitchens is their reconfiguration flexibility. 

Many companies offer customisation services so that pieces can be adapted to fit new spaces. The process may involve altering the layout of cabinets, cutting worktops to size, or even adding new units to match the existing style. 

Opportunities for included appliances

Ex-display kitchens frequently come with high-end appliances included in the purchase price, which have been used minimally, if at all. 

These appliances are typically the latest models that have only been used for demonstrations. Buying an ex-display kitchen can provide a homeowner with a fully equipped setup at a fraction of the cost of buying everything new.

How easy is it to source a used kitchen?

The UK offers a broad market for used and ex-display kitchens, featuring nearly new to well-loved units that might need some refurbishment. 

Availability is high, especially in urban areas where regular updates in residential and commercial properties make turnover frequent. 

Due to competitive demand, the main challenges buyers face may be related to timely decision-making. Buyers need to be proactive and responsive when good opportunities arise! Managing the logistics of transporting and installing large setups can also be a hurdle.