Fusion21 renews £250m Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework

Fusion21, the Huyton-based procurement organisation and social enterprise, has announced the renewal of its £250m national Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework, over four years.

It is now inviting bids from interested suppliers providing regional or national coverage.

Designed to supply construction materials to housing providers, as well as the wider public sector, managing the delivery of repairs and maintenance works, the framework can accommodate multi-year contracts and will provide access to all goods required throughout the property life cycle.

Offering innovation in technology and service delivery solutions, and a new lot for ‘Adapted and Accessible Living’, the framework will assist members in achieving greater operational efficiencies, in addition to improving first-time fix performance.

Split into a total of six lots, the structure is: Lot 1 General Building Materials; Lot 2 Electrical; Lot 3 Plumbing and Heating; Lot 4 Managed Services; Lot 5 Kitchens; Lot 6 Adapted and Accessible Living.

Peter Francis, Group Executive Director (Operations) at Fusion21, said: “In response to member and supplier feedback, our streamlined offer launches in September 2024, enabling the housing and wider public sector to manage built assets effectively, while enhancing business performance.

“The renewal of the framework includes both energy-efficient and net zero products and can implement contracts that support innovation and net zero ambitions, having a positive impact on communities and the wider environment.”

He added: “Providing a compliant framework, the refreshed offer has a variety of cost models and flexible call-off options and as with all of Fusion21’s frameworks, the Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework will help members to deliver social value they can see in communities, aligned with their organisational priorities.”

Tender applications are welcome from interested organisations that meet the criteria set out in the tender documentation, now available on the Delta e-Sourcing Portal.

The submission deadline is Friday, June 14, 2024 at 10am.

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